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Redneck Dictionary

"initiate": lets see...she ate 3 cheeseburgers,
initiate, a bag of potato chips.

"mayonaise": mayonaise sure a lot of people out here.

"juicy": juicy the look on his face?

"widjadidja": you didn't bring your truck widjadidja?

"poppyseed": poppyseed you out smoking the other day.

"european": man, turn the other way, european on my boots.

"hammer": I could use a sandwich...what do you want...hammer turkey?

"fasenate": I got 9 buttons on this shirt but can only fasenate.

"jamakin": hey mom, what jamakin in the kitchen?

"courtesy": courtesy my new pickup truck, Jim?

"lariat": hey, do you know where lariat, he owes me five bucks.

"cadillacs": my cadillacs discipline and respect.

"mask": mask you somehting, you haven't seen my pen have yah?

"bishop": I was married once, but the bishop and left me.

"innuendo": a bird just flew innuendo.

"mitosis": I'd love to talk, but mitosis on fire.

"aorta": aorta cut that grass down by the park.

"otter": they otter fix that car of theirs.

"bratwurst": you bratwurst people to this team than there was before.

"chinese": leave me alone, I'm chinese boots on.

"indifferent": out of all my girlfriends, she likes it indifferent