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Larry The Cable Guy
Blue Collar TV

The man who added the catchphrases "Git-R-Done" and "Lord, I Apologize" to the American lexicon and draws fans by the pickup truck load to his shows has proven to be one of the most successful comics of the early 2000s. Dan Whitney, known better as Larry The Cable Guy claims he was born in the back of an El-Camino during a Foghat concert.His drawl may sound Southern, butLarry was raised on a pig farm in Pawnee City, Nebraska. His upbringing was conservative, traditional, and church going. That didn't mean that strip-bars were out of the question when Larry reached 18 (maybe even a little earlier). Fascinated by this redneck life - "redneck" being a term he is not only fine with, but endorses - and always looking to comment on it, Larry's friends were captivated by his humorous observations and dared him to try his hand at stand-up. He did in 1986 and the fans reaction to his slow, approachable style had him hooked. Two years later, he relinquished his title as funniest bellhop at the Ramada Inn and set out for a career in comedy.